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Nature Tokens


Daniel Foor's work, Ancestral Medicine, helped me develop a safe & boundaried way to do my personal Ancestral Healing work. It also emphasized the need for healthy relational re-connection with our ancestors, and all of the animistic world, to bring about the social and spiritual healing that is needed today.  

I am not a facilitator of Daniel Foor's Ancestral Medicine system, but I can help people who want to get started on the path of safe, boundaried, reconnection with their ancestors.

I encourage individuals interested in healing their lineages to work with Daniel Foor's system & I can point in the direction of available resources.

Navigating in Woods

Discovery & Connection

Discover how to safely navigate each individual root & branch of your lineages. Connect to this deeper, expanded, core sense of who we are.

Sticks and Stones

Relationships & Rituals

Create rituals for deepening your relationships with your well & healthy ancestors. Cultivate the vibrant Blessings & Gifts that flow through your linages. Recognize their alive presence in your life.

White Rocks

Boundaries & Safety

Develop better boundaries for navigating in the ancestral realm. There are ways to safely build connection. 

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