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Dandelion Leaves

mythopoetic metamorphosis

Healing Rituals for Transformation

Part energy work, part clairvoyant reading, all ritual - these sessions follow the choreography of your current healing crisis & personal unwinding back to your own soul's home.

Monochromatic Flower

clairvoyant reading

In the old myths there were three roses; the one you were told to eat, the one you were told not to eat, and the one you weren't told about at all.

These Healing Rituals Sessions facilitate the initiations that come from discovering the roses we were not told about.

Butterfly on Ink


We hold in our bodies our cultural wounds, our social spell-casting, our ancestors unfinished songs. We hold in our bodies the deep tidal magnetisms of connection, the organizing rhythms of organic intelligence, the ambrosial bouquets of ancient ancestral blessings. 

Rock Maze


And with a dusky quickening to your own cosmic sinew, and with the gift of daybreak's finite horizon, your wandering twin stumbles down the slippery stone path, back to the heat of your heart, the hold of your hands, and the holiness of home.

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