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pomegranate project

Uncovering original myths & discovering what happened to the Divine Feminine with the New Moon's cosmic time cycle. Re-membering the old stories, as they teach us to listen through our roots.

Moon Stages

New Moon

Explore the map Demetra George shares in her book Mysteries of the Dark Moon, to understand the divine feminine's aeonic time cycle, as similar to the Hindu catur-yuga map of the ages.



Endeavor to dig up the root of the original myths, as they were sung before the Greek versions that are commonly know today.  What was Persephone & Demeter's story before Hades interrupted their cyclical journey into the underworld? Lost Goddesses of Early Greece by Charlene Spretnak.

Justitia Goddess

Goddesses & Partnerships

Expanding on social critiques and historical re-examining, such as of Riane Eisler's Chalice & The Blade, we will develop a more nuanced understanding of how things came to be as they are. And how we make new realities of greater social ballance possible & probable. 

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