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• Rolfing® & Rolf Movement® for Structural Integration.

• Somatic Experiencing® with Somatic Resilience & Regulation as Coherency Matrix for Nervous System Informed Bodywork.

• Craniosacral, Sound Baths, Crystals, Clairvoyant Readings & Source Point® for SubtleBody Energywork.

• Massage for Relaxation.

Image by Tsunami Green


Structural Integration work, such as Rolfing®, unwinds the global web of connective tissue throughout our body. This facilitates an overall increase in the organization of the body's structure & function. Somatic Integration combines Rolfing® with nervous system informed bodywork, as well as subtle-body & fluid-body approaches for an even more wholistic, multidimensional experience.

 The goal is not just to get the body back to where it was before injury or pain; Rolfing® seeks to evolve the soma & help us reach unrealized potentials.

When done with sophistication & finesse, Rolfing® can easily work within the client’s boundaries of intensity & discomfort. We listen for & then reach to, the tissue depths that are ready for change, & that are asking to be met.



Nervous System Informed Bodywork helps release our physical pains & discomforts that are rooted in stress or trauma. The supportive hands-on contact alters the signals to the protective bracing patterns of the body's tissues, restoring relaxation& regulation. Coherency Matrix sessions combine Peter Levine's Somatic Experiencing® with Kathy Kain's Somatic Resilience & Regulation work.


Aurelia Jellyfish


Water Planet. Fluid Body. Tidal Pulse. The Breath of Life. Health extends the ebb & flow. Relaxation is not stillness, Relaxation is to float & sway.

Your body is mostly water. Your body is a self organizing system. Craniosacral & Fluid-body sessions work within the body's self-organizing, biotensegrity, hydraulic systems. Craniosacral enhances the inherent motions of our tissues, working with subtle micro-movements, that give rise to our accustomed macro-movements, perpetuating global, dynamic flow in our structure & articulations. Fluidbodywork explores the role hydraulics, and different water states, play in our body's structural integrity & self protective capacity. We harmonize with our body's fluid self-organizing capacity to unwind inhibited joints, and recover from strain and injury.

Crystal Rocks


Source Point® works with points & sacred geometry in the human energy field that directly connect the physical body with Source & the Blueprint of Health.

Crystals help re-structure and re-oder the vibrational, frequency body. Ancient Taoist traditions believed working with stones and crystals created the most stable and  long lasting healing changes.

Akashic Alchemy Subtlebody Energywork clarifies chakras, auras and other sacred geometry energy centers, structures & channels within the subtle-body, for transformational healing within the various esoteric matrixes.

Singing Bowl


Sound Baths are another form of Subtlebody Energywork. Singing bowls, tuning forks, sofeggio xylophone, crystal & copper pyramids transmute resinate energies for crystalline restructuring of the body matrix. These sessions are deeply relaxing, restorative & transformational.



Enjoy a relaxation massage to pamper and indulge. Include craniosacral energy holds for deep restorative releases. Return to solace, renewal and rest.


Prioritize your health and well being, so that you are available to fulfill the  great good in the world that you were born for.

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