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Endless Journey

animism activism

Mentorship Sessions & Classes for deepening our relationships with life in all of creation. Build better relationships & boundaries within the spirit realms. 

Earth Breath Initiations & Inspiration Insights.

Tree Hugger

Return to Right Relationship

Awaken your inner Animist & expand your capacity to relate to all things as sentient and alive. Remember your own innate ability to animate the beings around you by acknowledging them with your own deep inner seeing.

Curvy Tree Road

The Path & The Calling

Wander into the Animist initiation proceeding from the expansive spiritual ecology of all living beings. This path is a re-awakening, a re-membering, and a deep wondering of the world.

Pine Cone

Every Living Thing

Trees, Rocks, Water. Mushrooms, Bears, Ants. Thoughts, Archetypes, Memories. Hairbrushes, Tin Cans, Automobiles. Numbers, Neutrons, Planets. Seeds, Gods, Winds. Psychedelic tessellation of life differentiated to life unified.

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